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Inflation: The Nitty Gritty 

Inflation this, inflation that. We’ve all been hearing the word thrown around everywhere now, it’s become part of our everyday language. Of course, it’s not

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FOXI Global Announcement

It is with great excitement that the FOXI group announces that Shaun Fox will officially be stepping away from the day to day business of managing the FOXI companies and stepping into his new role of FOXI Global as Founder and Chairman.

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Mental Health Month 2022

October marks mental health month in Australia, an initiative birthed by the Mental Health Foundation Australia with this year’s theme being ‘Building Resilience: Communities and

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Why alternative investments are safer

FOXI only raises on projects we truly believe in, applying our proprietary methods of selecting and evaluating projects allows us to provide investors with the opportunity to share the value created in these projects.

Provide diversity

Ever heard the saying, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket? The importance of diversifying your portfolio is to decrease risk by ensuring you have your hand in a variety of assets.

Little correlation to traditional assets:

Alternative investments don’t always move in the same direction as traditional assets, even during economic downturn. Due to the broader range of opportunities available, they have the ability to improve the risk and return of your portfolio.

Hedge against inflation:

Some alternatives have the ability to hedge against inflation as they’re not as affected by the declining purchase power of money and can provide a needed boost of passive income.