Mine Enterprise Lending

The offer seeks to provide Sophisticated Investors with a direct equity investment in Mine Enterprise Lending, in the form of B-Class Shares in MEL.

All of the funds raised through this offer will be used by Mine Enterprise Lending to provide loans to enterprise owners.



$20 Million

B-Class Shares Available

About The Offer

Under the Offer, Mine Enterprise Lending (MEL) will issue up to 20 million B-Class Shares at an Issue Price of $1.00 per Share to raise up to $20 million. 

The purpose of the offer is to position MEL to achieve its objectives to source enterprises in the mining, resource and mining related industries that show significant potential for an uplift in their commercial value. Funds raised under this offer will form part of the assets of MEL which are expected to typically be disbursed as loans by MEL to these enterprises.

Once an enterprise has been assessed as suitable for investment by MEL against MEL’s Investment Mandate and Approval Process, the assets of MEL may be disbursed as a loan to the respective enterprise owner, as a Borrower. Loan funds are to be applied towards approved expansion and development activities in respect of the enterprise. 

Each enterprise will be subject to a commercial loan agreement between MEL and the Borrower under which Mine Enterprise Lending will receive 12% – 18% interest on loans, loan related fees and a targeted 15% of the direct ordinary shareholding of the enterprise.

All B-Class Shares issued under the offer will rank equally in all respects and are entitled to a share of 90% of any dividends declared and paid by MEL.

*The Offer is only available to persons who qualify as sophisticated investors (as defined in section 708 of the Corporations Act) 


Why alternative investments are safer

FOXI only raises on projects we truly believe in, applying our proprietary methods of selecting and evaluating projects allows us to provide investors with the opportunity to share the value created in these projects.

Provide diversity

Ever heard the saying, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket? The importance of diversifying your portfolio is to decrease risk by ensuring you have your hand in a variety of assets.

Little correlation to traditional assets:

Alternative investments don’t always move in the same direction as traditional assets, even during economic downturn. Due to the broader range of opportunities available, they have the ability to improve the risk and return of your portfolio.

Hedge against inflation:

Some alternatives have the ability to hedge against inflation as they’re not as affected by the declining purchase power of money and can provide a needed boost of passive income.

Offer Highlights

– The B-Class shares on offer are issued by Mine Enterprise Lending Ltd.

– The offer is for up to 20 million B-Class shares at an issue price of $1.00 each

– The purpose of the offer is to raise up to $20 million to provide loans to mining enterprises.

Use of Funds

Funds loaned to enterprises may be used to for activities that will provide potential uplift to the assets or business potential of the Enterprise and may include: 

(a) research and exploration, expert mining operational analysis and due diligence to prove or improve the value of the Enterprise and its resources: 

(b) permitting surveys, drilling programmes, metallurgical beneficiation or detailed feasibility studies; and 

(c) acquisition of plant, machinery, technology or other assets required to advance the business offerings of any mine related industry Enterprise.

Mine Enterprise Lending Is Typically Suited To Investors Who:

(a) are looking to diversify their existing investment portfolio; 

(b) have an investment outlook of a medium or long investment timeframe; and 

(c) have an extremely high-risk appetite and high risk/return profile. 

Minimum Investment​

The minimum initial investment per Investor is $100,000 (“Initial Investment”). 

Investors can purchase additional Shares in multiples of $10,000 after meeting the Initial Investment threshold. 


Mining Pros

The Pros of Investing in Mining Companies

Investment in mining has long been considered a vital component of the investment portfolios of institutional, wholesale and private investors for the following reasons: 

(a) mining provides the world with resources that we cannot live without and are the key to unlocking a more sustainable future; 

(b) mining is an established industry with highly predictable trends and patterns; 

(c) increasing demand paired with finite supplies leads to increased commodity prices; 

(d) decreasing supply; and 

(e) potential for high investment returns.

The Australian Mining Sector

Australia’s minerals industry and its innovative mining, equipment, technology and services (“METS”) sector is a major contributor to investment, exports and government revenues. This industry contributes to the overall Australian economy in the following ways:6 

(a) Economic contribution – Mining contributes more to the Australian economy than any other industry. In 2018-2019, the minerals industry paid $25.2 billion in company tax and $14.1 billion in royalties to the Commonwealth and state and territory governments; 

(b) Employment and social contribution: The mining industry generates highly skilled, highly paid jobs in regional and remote communities across Australia, directly employing around 238,000 Australians and supporting a total of 1.1 million direct and indirect jobs. Regional and indigenous businesses, established as a critical part of the mining supply chain, add to the sustainability of regional towns and remote communities; 

(c) Entrepreneurial spirit: Minerals exploration has always embodied Australia’s entrepreneurial spirit consistently adopting advanced methods to discover new mining opportunities across regional Australia; 

(d) Exploration investment: Australia is one of the world’s premier destinations for minerals exploration investment and there remains significant potential to discover further mineral deposits in both existing regions and new greenfield regions. “Most of the long-life profitable mines have been found in 20% of the Australian continent… The remaining 80% of the continent represents a largely unexplored or under-explored opportunity”.7 

(e) Emerging opportunities: Global consumption of mineral and energy commodities will continue to grow as incomes rise in emerging economies and high tech manufacturers of new energy, transport and health care technologies emerge, require increasing quantities of the precious and rare earth minerals Australia produces; 

(f) Attracting new investment: For Australia to continue its current production levels in the mining sector it relies on sustaining capital investment of approximately $20 billion pa, largely coming from private investors; and 

(g) Investment in METS and Minerals Processing: The Australian mining sector is a world leader in developing transformative technologies that consistently improve the efficiency and sustainability of mining operations. Investment in the METS sector is vital to accelerate this technological innovation in mining and mining equipment, raw materials processing, technology, mining services and low emissions energy. 

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