Mine Enterprise Lending

The mission of Mine Enterprise Lending is to source funding for well-researched, highly scalable mineral resource projects with a significant growth outlook. Mine Enterprise Lending will soon offer the general public the opportunity to become shareholders in the company.

  • Mine Enterprise Lending Ltd has been established to provide its shareholders with the opportunity to have exposure to a selection of highly scalable mineral resource investments and will shortly be extending an invitation to the general public to become a shareholder in the Company.
  • The public offer will encompass the issue of 20 million non-voting B-Class shares at a price of $1.00 per share to raise $20 million of funds to be utilised by Mine Enterprise Lending for sourcing and investing in well-researched, potential mining and resource projects with significant growth outlooks. 
  • To assist with the investigation and sourcing of potential projects or opportunities, the company may engage external mining consultants. Already, multiple potential projects have been introduced for consideration by the Company for inclusion in its loan and investment portfolio.
  • Each potential project will be assessed by the Company’s investment committee in accordance with a comprehensive investment mandate and approval process. Investment committee members will be selected by the company from industry experts that have relevant experience across a diverse field of skills including, mining and resource exploration, development, finance, and business.

In assessing potential projects, the investment committee will focus its due diligence on the following factors:

  1. business and management strength;
  2. mineral potential and demand; and
  3. expansion and development potential.
  • Upon approval of a project, Mine Enterprise Lending will provide funding in the form of interest-bearing secured loans and receive a 15% equity holding.
  • Investments by the company will provide capital for funded projects to implement contingency-based mining plans that will maximise operational efficiency and provide levers to manage the cost of production against market fluctuations with a view to increasing the market value of each project and creating clear exit strategies.
  • Mine Enterprise Lending is focused on increasing shareholder wealth through its loan portfolio and a targeted 15% equity stake in each project it funds.
  • A prospectus containing detailed information about the share offer and the current and proposed operations of Mine Enterprise Lending has been lodged with ASIC and will be available shortly to interested investors.

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Why alternative investments are safer

FOXI only raises on projects we truly believe in, applying our proprietary methods of selecting and evaluating projects allows us to provide investors with the opportunity to share the value created in these projects.

Provide diversity

Ever heard the saying, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket? The importance of diversifying your portfolio is to decrease risk by ensuring you have your hand in a variety of assets.

Little correlation to traditional assets:

Alternative investments don’t always move in the same direction as traditional assets, even during economic downturn. Due to the broader range of opportunities available, they have the ability to improve the risk and return of your portfolio.

Hedge against inflation:

Some alternatives have the ability to hedge against inflation as they’re not as affected by the declining purchase power of money and can provide a needed boost of passive income.