What is Foxi About?

Our aim is to provide quality, bespoke investment opportunities suitable for inclusion in the portfolios of all investors. FOXI offers our clients a range of specialised investments across major asset classes, whilst delivering investing insights and options. FOXI knows that each investor is different and we tailor our range of investments to meet the needs of our clients. We simplify the process, making investing accessible to everyone!

What We Stand For

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

We seek out investment opportunities from around the globe, taking into account the needs of local investors and giving full consideration to the impact on local environments and communities.

Creating Value

We believe that undertaking extensive due diligence, and only getting involved with projects in which we have great confidence, are the key drivers to maximising the potential for increasing value for investors.

Bespoke Opportunities & Tailored Solutions

Through our extensive global network, we offer our clients off-market access to a range of bespoke investment opportunities, across the full spectrum of industry and commerce and tailored to the specific objectives of the investor.

Our Story

Our Story

FOXI provides a global reach to our community of wholesale, sophisticated and professional investors.‍

With our extensive global network, we can offer bespoke off-market access to investment opportunities. We provide our network with access to handpicked investment opportunities in private investment opportunities. ‍We are sector/industry agnostic with all opportunities going through an extensive due diligence with our proprietary methods, developed by our experienced team. If you are a business looking for funding, please contact us today.‍

We exist to help our clients create value. We do that by employing independently minded people who provide expert, insightful, objective and opinionated advice. We do that by telling our clients what we really think. We don’t want to waste time on something we know won’t work or a problem that others are too afraid to speak up about. It’s a traditional approach that we feel has fallen out of fashion in recent times.