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Our Sponsorships

We believe in the significance of community, as it serves as the basis for any investment aimed at personal financial growth as well as societal betterment.

FOXI Invest is proud to be a foundation partner with the Dolphins NRL team during their inaugural season. 

FOXI Invest is also proud to get behind our local community, sponsoring the Coldstream Football & Netball Club and the Cardinia Storm Hockey Club.

Current Investment Opportunities

Pleasure Point Mine
(Stage 2 Open)

PPM has raised $30,000,000 to purchase establish mining operations and manage PPM. 

Returns to investors are a dual-class offering.

The mine has reasonable prospects for the eventual economic extraction (RPEEE) of 40 million tonnes of known material. This does not include the newly discovered high yield silica sand, of which the RPEEE are not yet known.




Mine Enterprise Lending

Under the Offer, Mine Enterprise Lending (MEL) will issue up to 20 million B-Class Shares at an Issue Price of $1.00 per Share to raise up to $20 million. 

The purpose of the offer is to position MEL to achieve its objectives to source enterprises in the mining, resource and mining related industries that show significant potential for an uplift in their commercial value. Funds raised under this offer will form part of the assets of MEL which are expected to typically be disbursed as loans by MEL to these enterprises.



FOXI Invest partners with the Dolphins NRL

FOXI Invest is proud to announce it has partnered with the Dolphins as a Premier Partner, ahead of their inaugural season in 2023, becoming the 17th team in the NRL.

NRL Dolphins Partnership

About Us

Our aim is to provide quality, bespoke investment opportunities suitable for inclusion in the portfolios of all investors.

FOXI offers our clients a range of specialised investments across major asset classes, whilst delivering investing insights and options. FOXI knows that each investor is different and we tailor our range of investments to meet the needs of our clients. We simplify the process, making investing accessible to everyone. 



Mat Kasem


I’m an entrepreneur and just had a meeting with Shaun this morning. Shaun offered his full support to our new business, was generous with valuable information and time, very friendly, and pleasant to talk to. It doesn’t take long to realize how genuine he is. That was the first meeting and we have more meetings planned. So stay tuned for more updates on our collaboration with Shaun and his team :).

Christian Lazaro


Working with Shaun has been an awesome experience. If you’re looking for value, that’s literally everything you’ll get from Shaun. He will provide you with the help you’re looking and much more after that. He really does care about the people he works with and it shows with his actions and time he spends with you.

Marcelo Milhomem


First time investing with Foxi. I’m looking forward to a great future ahead and so far the team was really helpful and supportive. I’m glad to be involved in such a great project and hoping the plan works out well.

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